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Scry Health’s Mission is to "Discover hidden knowledge to optimize and transform operational performance and clinical outcomes through advanced mathematics.” We have assembled a highly skilled team of statisticians, computer scientists, epidemiologists, healthcare executives and entrepreneurs to help organizations aggregate, analyze and act on their disparate data sources to provide optimal patient care at a lower cost. Our advanced and highly scalable analytical platform utilizes the R programing language for statistical computing and visualization to proactively analyze and manage at-risk populations, cost of care management and pay-for-performance solutions.


During the last decade, the momentum coming from both academia and industry has lifted the R programming language to become the single most important tool for computational statistics, visualization and data science. Worldwide, millions of statisticians and data scientists use R to solve their most challenging problems in fields ranging from computational biology to quantitative marketing. R has become the most popular language for data science and an essential tool for Finance and analytics-driven companies such as Google, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Scry Health applies its expertise in R specifically to healthcare.