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Who We Are

Scry Health is a team of highly skilled statisticians, computer scientists, epidemiologists, healthcare executives, and entrepreneurs. We help organizations aggregate, analyze and act on their disparate data sources to discover ‘hidden knowledge’, and then apply predictive analytics to optimize operational performance and clinical outcomes.


Scry Health was created for a single purpose … to make a positive difference by applying science to healthcare.


Richard Schultz CEO:

Richard founded and successfully operated both Metaserver (a commercial software company sold to Oracle in 2005) and REvolution Computing (a commercial company built around the open-source R statistical language). He is considered a leading expert in the open-source software field and understands the nuances related to the alternative open source licensing models. Richard has served on the boards of directors of various organizations that focus in this area. He holds a B.S. degree from Washington University in St. Louis, and an M.S. in Computer Science from the State University of New York at Stony Brook.


Eric Rosow President:

Eric founded Premise, a leading provider of software solutions that optimize patient flow and enhance operational efficiency. He served as Chairman and CEO of Premise, and led the company through its sale to Eclipsys in December 2008. Eric brings to Scry Health/BiG Computing more than 25 years of experience in healthcare technology and executive management. Prior to his role with Scry Health, Eric served as VP and General Manager of the Patient Flow business unit for Allscripts and Eclipsys. Before founding Premise, Eric was the Director of Biomedical Engineering at Hartford Hospital. He holds an undergraduate degree in engineering from Trinity College and a graduate degree in biomedical engineering from Rensselaer in Hartford.


Tim Rutledge VP of Business Development:

Tim was a founder of EPSi, the leading decision support and budgeting system for hospitals nationwide, acquired in 2008 by Eclipsys Corporation. Tim served as Chief Executive Officer for EPSi and has over 27 years of expertise in financial and operational analytics for health systems. He most recently served as Senior Vice President of Analytics at Allscripts, where he oversaw products for financial management, patient flow and clinical analytics. He holds graduate degrees from the University of Missouri and an undergraduate degree from Pennsylvania State University.


Kirk Mettler Director of Field Operations:

Kirk led consulting groups at REvolution Analytics and BiG Computing. Prior to that, he served as President and General Manager of Circuit Wise, a Lean Manufacturing printed circuit-board company, where he was responsible for international operations, and management of 1200+ employees. Kirk has over 20 years of experience in operations management and analytics. He holds a B.S. degree in Operations Research and Industrial Engineering from Cornell University, and has performed graduate studies in Operations Research at Columbia University.


Dr. Martin H. Schultz Chief Science Officer:

Dr. Schultz was the founder of Scientific Computing Associates, Inc. He is the Arthur K. Watson Professor Emeritus of Computer Science at Yale University, and a part-time faculty member in Yale’s Biology & Bioinformatics, and Computational Biology & Bioinformatics programs. Dr. Schultz is a well-known expert on numerical and statistical methods and high-performance computing; and a recognized innovator in the application of parallel architectures, including massively parallel processors, workstation clusters, PCs and P2P Internet solutions. Dr. Schultz’s recent research focused on high-performance data analytics and statistics, including the design, analysis and implementation of suitable algorithms, specialized in or targeted in the use of parallel programming environments and parallel architectures for data analytics. Typical applications of his work can be found in the fields of biomedical computing, computational biology, bioinformatics, and financial analytics; as well as the physical sciences and engineering.


Bryan Lewis Director of Systems Engineering:

Bryan was the Director of Systems Engineering at REvolution Computing and a member of the advisory board of Deszyme. Formerly the CEO of Rocketcalc, Bryan has extensive experience in high-performance computing and statistics, and their applications in industry and science. He has a Ph.D. in applied mathematics.


James Winfield Senior Software Engineer:

Jim brings over 20 years of commercial software experience to Skry Health, as both internal project manager and consultant. His many engagements include companies such as NASDAC, Delta Airlines, and CBS. Jim holds a B.S. degree in computer science from Sacred Heart University.